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little Vivian came into the blog's world unexpectedly. she love receiving present from people and friends on 11 Nov every year. yellow is her colour. seafood is her favourite. add her at facebook

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yellow n classy purse
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

kiddy no more?

(D)[b][c=46] Rachelle. [/c][/b] says:

btw, nice profile pic

('.') v i v i . x o x o says:
took when i'm otw back from ipoh
i ss damn alot
but donno which one to put in fb

(D)[b][c=46] Rachelle. [/c][/b] says:
actually u look more mature and better after ur break up. keep it up !

('.') v i v i . x o x o says:
wat a good praise

(D)[b][c=46] Rachelle. [/c][/b] says:
im serious lah

('.') v i v i . x o x o says:

(D)[b][c=46] Rachelle. [/c][/b] says:
u know i don tok cock wan ma
just say thank u wtf

won't you keep my secret for me? 5:37 PM

Monday, December 14, 2009

finally you've move on with a happy life
it's great to know that

won't you keep my secret for me? 1:57 PM

Saturday, November 28, 2009

things change,
u used to like to love rather than to be loved

won't you keep my secret for me? 2:21 AM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

close my eye & make a wish

a wish that I'm not gonna dream of anymore

365 days ago, at this moment, i was at Ampang - Look Out Point.
Enjoying the night view in his arms while receiving wishes from all my friends.
The necklace was put on by him as my birthday present

730 days ago, he came to my house with my friends
Giving me a little surprise with the mini Roxy bag.

1095 days ago, i was on air in fly fm - flirty at ten thirty
He called in & got a dinner ticket for me

won't you keep my secret for me? 12:05 AM

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As if is him

been trying to study at home every night
study while hugging my baby fluffy in my arms
but i always ended up giving him kisses, keep on hugging him & keep on sayang him rather than concentrate on my studies

how la????!!!

won't you keep my secret for me? 11:20 PM

Thursday, October 22, 2009

but i did not shed a tears

wanna give you a little surprise, but i found out she is there on the bed with you the whole night

won't you keep my secret for me? 6:55 AM

if i could, i would

this is the day that will never be the same anymore.
but i still putting hope in it
thou people are telling me that i look foolish

this is the kissy face you like the most.
you always ask for it, because it look so kissable to you

but i always refuse to give it to you,
because i think i look ugly with it

but i know by you using your power of tickle, you'll always get it
& that's what i like about it ♥♥♥

won't you keep my secret for me? 12:02 AM